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America's Taxpayers

Repeal IPAB Before It’s Too Late!

Don’t Allow Bureaucrats to Ration Health Care.



Cities Should Promote Telecommunication Innovation, Not Stifle It

Cities in Oregon are implementing new taxes and regulations on internet providers. These barriers will raise costs on consumers, stifle innovation, and reduce internet access for the lower-income.


NTU-Led Coalition to Congress: Protect Taxpaying Travelers

An Open Letter to Congress: Taxpaying Travelers Deserve Better – Modernize Air Traffic Control!


State-Based Groups, Scholars, Back New Course for Aviation

An Open Letter to Congress: Protect Taxpayers, Embrace Air Traffic Control Reform!


Polling Indicates Ground for Compromise on Spending Reform

Although Republicans and Democrats generally hold different viewpoints on taxes and spending, there are programs within the federal budget that can be cut with bipartisan support.


NTU Endorses "Default Prevention Act"

H.R. 422, the "Default Prevention Act," would eliminate the potential of a default on U.S. debt obligations and ensure stability in financial markets.


Will Las Vegas hit Blackjack with the Raiders... or Bust?

Taxpayers should be alarmed by the new stadium in Las Vegas would require $750 million in public funding.


The Continuing Collapse of ACA’s Exchanges Highlights the Need for Reform ... and Better Estimates

Under CBO's original estimates, the exchanges should have been thriving by now. More accountability is needed.

Press Release 

NTU Statement on Better Care Reconciliation Act

Statement from NTU Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold.

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